Time Flies

Recently in one of my mom’s groups, a mom asked what calendars or resources are out there to teach her child about time for when she goes away on a business trip. Here’s the thing, young children have NO concept of time, or at least not in the sense that adults do.

Instead of getting your (under five-year-old) child a calendar (which really means nothing to her), try one of these activities instead to make the meaning concrete:

*Make a paper chain with your child (let him pick out the colors) and have him rip off a loop for each day that you are gone. This will work on his fine motor skills of tearing paper as well as make the days concrete.

*Make a photo story for your child so that whoever is watching her while you’re gone can read it to her each night. It doesn’t have to be done through a special website, just printed out on regular paper will be fine. You can even write the words with her there so she can see the writing has meaning.

*If your goal is to show him what happens during the week while you’re gone, make him a photo schedule of him at all his different activities throughout the week. Arrange them in chronological order, but the words Monday-Sunday will probably not have much meaning for him if he hasn’t been in a school setting that has worked on this concept before.

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